Happy Halloween!

Alrighty folks, it is HALLOWEEN! Which, if you’re like me, is an excuse for tons of candy and onesies! In particular, my favorite giraffe onesie, which I also wore last Halloween.  Now, with today being a holiday, this post won’t be too long.  This is also the 6th and final Blogtober post! And I’m sure you’re absolutely crushed over it ending. 


FUN FACT: I LOVE ALL THINGS HOLIDAYS. Yes, we send out Christmas cards every year. Yes, we have matching Christmas jammies. Yes, we WILL be wearing matching sweaters for Thanksgiving (Evan’s idea, but I love it). And yes, I will continue to dress up every year for Halloween.

Disclaimer: I may try to throw in some puns.  Even if you don’t find them funny, know that I totally laughed out loud.  I win.

Halloween toooootally makes me think of all things spooky.  If you read my recent blog post, then you know that I enjoyed A Haunting of Hill House. Well, we also recently started watching the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and love it! Now, if this ISN’T your cup of tea, that is totally fine because it does include some stuff that is out there, but if you think you’d like it, GO FOR IT. We love it.  It’s definitely binge-worthy. One could even say that it is… spook-tacular. Ha!


Now, as I said before, this is a complete short post today.  Mainly to show off my giraffe onesie.  I think it is boo-tiful.  Yes, I’m 22 and still dress up.  Did you dress up? Last year Evan and I were Clark Kent and Lois Lane.  Next year I don’t know what we will be… power rangers or the Incredibles maybe!

If you’ve read this far, you deserve to see this complete personality boomerang.. you can also see more over on my Instagram!



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