Woo! Happy Monday folks!  Welcome back to my blog – exciting news will be mentioned later on in this post!

Life updates:  Considering the name of my blog is “AWalkerWorld,” I feel it is necessary to throw in some life updates before I provide my list of 7 fall date ideas.  For one, it’s October 15th, so it is my second wedding anniversary!  Happy Anniversary, Ev!  In the last couple of years, I have really begun to love fall.  (I completely blame it on the fact that we got married in October – feels like I need to love fall!)  We are currently in the beginning stages of our stay-cation, and I felt the need to write a short list of some fun fall things.  I mean, why not?  After all, I’m trying to convince Evan that we need to do all of these.

Now on to the exciting news – well, it’s exciting to me at least!  Since I love fall and Halloween so much, I will be participating in BLOGTOBER! Well, I’ll be doing a verrrrry loose version anyways.  Basically, Blogtober is where bloggers post every day of the month.  For me, that would be IMPOSSIBLE.  Shoutout to all the bloggers who have the time, because ya girl Nicole does not.  Instead, I will be starting today…halfway through the month, AND I will only be posting every Monday and Friday until the last week of the month.  For the last week, I will post on Monday and then Halloween (which is spook-tacular to me. Yes, I’m always this cheesy).  Since I started this blog I have only ever posted on Mondays, so this is a new venture as I will have six blog posts in the next 2-ish weeks.  On that note, let’s get down to business.

Outside pumpkins 🎃

7 IDEAS FOR FALL DATES – hint hint, Ev. 

  1. Yes, I am starting with the mooooost basic and obvious choice.  You absolutely, without a doubt, need to go to a pumpkin patch.  Yes, fellas and gals who are thinking, “no I don’t,” well, you do.  So go.  They are just so fun to go to!
  2. Apple Orchard.  Go pick some apples and drink some cider! This is just another fun place you can take your date/friend to in order to have a good time this fall.
  3. Probably one of my favorite things to do in fall – go to haunted houses!  I was soooo tempted to go when we were on our trip to Nashville!
  4. Backyard bonfire with s’mores! (Self explanatory)
  5. Bake cookies and have a Halloween movie marathon!
  6. Drive in movies! Our local drive in is playing the new Halloween movie and having their own haunted woods afterwards.
  7. Last but not least, haunted woods! So much fun!
Some inside fall decor

These are things that I get excited for every year. I’m probably forgetting a few, but hopefully this list gives you some ideas. If you have other ideas, drop them down in the comments – I’d love to read them!


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