Life Lately

Life lately. An interesting topic for someone who blogs mainly about destinations and random stuff that no one cares about, but still reads. And yes, people surprisingly DO read this blog! If you’re a repeat reader, this one is for you! 😉

Life lately. Where to begin? To sum it up in one sentence: I’ve been doing a lot of random stuff. When I started this blog in July, I was looking for something more than just work and school. Since I’ve started it, I’ve begun to do things that I feel are just that. Stuff that makes me happy!

For starters, I have a new-found love for decorating. Of course, we are on a strict budget because ya girl (and Evan) have DREAMS, so we haven’t exactly gone overboard, but we HAVE gotten quite a few things for the home. So that is number 1.

  1. Decorating our home.  This one is pretty simple, so I provide pictures of my new must-have home items.  (I am sadly not an interior decorator, so I have been reading a design book and now have a need to redo our whole house…sorry Ev)IMG_6115img_6118.jpg

Now on to number 2, which is still a part of number 1… Fall decor! Now, I used to despise fall.  I truly hated cold weather, but now? Well, now I LOVE fall, and I love the decorations that come with it.  We aren’t anywhere near finished, but for two people who are starting from nothing with decorations, I’m pretty proud. 🙂


3. Binge watching Marvel Universe movies.  So far we are through Iron Man 1 & 2, Thor, and the first Avengers. Marvel is my favorite and probably always will be.

4. Binge watching Netflix. If you haven’t seen Blacklist, you’re missing out.  In fact, here is a short list of must-see shows on Netflix.

  • Blacklist
  • Vampire Diaries / Originals
  • Travelers
  • Z Nation (not the biggest budget but great story)
  • Madam Secretary
  • White Collar

5. Along with the other things, I have been doing school, which is unsurprisingly NOT on the list of things I love but is one of the things I have been doing.

And that concludes what I have been doing., other than the occasional attempting to plan future travel destinations, which happens more than I’d like to admit. If you ask Evan, I can’t go a day without spending money. He’s convinced himself that I am bad for the budget, but truly I’m the reason we HAVE the budget.  If not, I’d probably spend way too much on stuff I want, but don’t need. In fact, I just got a THIRD planner. Nothing is wrong with the other two, I just felt the need to have another, so I got it. Next week, you can read all about something more interesting than my life, such as the new Keto diet we will be going on. Now that will be interesting – if you know me, you know I am alllllll about food that people on the Keto diet can’t eat.  If I post a blog post next week, just know that it means I survived day one of the diet.




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