Our Honeymoon

I am BACK and better than ever after my short two-week birthday break! Hellooooo, 22! Today I am throwing it back to the first time I left the United States, aka my honeymoon trip with Evan! We went on an amazing trip to Disney and followed with an amazing eight-day Carnival Cruise. We ventured to San Juan, Grand Turk, St. Martin, and St. Kitts on the Carnival Sunshine. It was a blast!


We booked straight from the carnival website and booked all of our excursions through there as well. Funny story.. I had to call and get an exception made to be able to book online. We were both 20 and technically per Carnival needed someone over 21 with us…luckily since we were married we were able to get past having a chaperone on our honeymoon!

This trip was ALSO the first time either one of us flew on a plane. We flew from Nashville to Orlando where we stayed with family, which was nice since they live 12 hours away from the cool part of the family, aka me.. ok, it’s really my mom. Anyways, this trip was great for a variety of reasons, but being our first trip out of the country was pretty cool!

In the days leading up to our cruise, we were able to go over to Universal Studios (thanks, Sarah!) and to Magic Kingdom (thanks Mom!) It was cool because Evan got to see everything for the first time! My favorite part will always be everything Harry Potter World! Evan really enjoyed the fireworks, Butter Beer, and the Hulk ride!

While our time at Disney was short, we still had a blast! After that, we traveled to Port Canaveral where we began our cruise. We completely had no idea what to expect, and Carnival CAME THROUGH! Our room was ready earlier than expected, and had a special surprise from my parents waiting on us! I highly, and I do mean highly, recommend getting a stateroom with a balcony like we did!

Our first stop in Grand Turk.. and it rained. Like POURING DOWN, but our excursion was rain or shine, so we made it work! Our excursion was horseback riding and swimming – instead of the swimming part, we rode horses through the water. So fun! We also ate at Margaritaville on the island.

San Juan was an interesting one.. we spent our time with the funniest tour guide as we went through the city and to the San Juan Bacardi Distillery (yes, we got free drinks) and got to learn about Bacardi! We also got to eat in the city and tried Mofongo!

Our stop in St. Martin was different. We went zip lining and I somehow ended up with a monkey on my head. The handler put him on my head and then charged us for pictures.. unexpected, but it was dressed as a pirate, though! Ooh and at the place we went zip lining they made fresh smoothies that were AMAZING!

St. Kitts! The last stop and only stop we didn’t do an excursion on. Beautiful water!! We paid for seats on the beach which came with WiFi and beachside bar service. To this day Evan has not stopped speaking about our friend we made. Sherman, if you ever somehow come across this blog post, you are the BEST at making piña coladas. We will come back just to see you! We did have people come by offering for hair braiding and aloe massages, buuuuut we spent all of our cash on drinks. They truly were AMAZING!

Our honeymoon trip was nothing short of amazing. Our Carnival crew was fantastic, and made our trip special! We can’t wait to go on another cruise to more places. We loved the variety of food options available, such as the sushi restaurant and Guy’s Burger Joint! I would recommend taking medicine for motion sickness (we used Bonine), staying on the highest deck possible, and having a balcony. These simple steps saved us from a LOT of motion sickness. We were only stuck in the room one day and that was pretty good considering how rough the water was on our way back.



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