New Orleans Birthday Trip!

Oh NOLA, you had fantastic food.  And portions.  You had GREAT portions.

In May of 2017, for Evan’s 21st birthday, I surprised him with a trip to New Orleans!  Now, we aren’t the party type, but we DO love food.  So I booked the trip and wrote him a card and we were on our way.  I must say that the trip wasn’t too bad for a 7 hour drive on a Friday night.  We left right after work but still avoided traffic.  But as always something had to happen; once we got close enough my GPS wouldn’t point us to our hotel…so we spent an extra fifteen minutes just looking for that.  We only went for a weekend, but had a blast.


Although we arrived pretty late on Friday night, we still got up relatively early on Saturday.  We had breakfast at Monty’s on the square which was our first real encounter of the MASSIVE portion sizes.  I ordered french toast and beignet fries – the best things in existence.   Evan ordered eggs benedict on crab cakes.  We ordered for two and got food that could feed at least five.  Not only did it look great, but it tasted great too.

I will say that it was extremely hot during our trip; we didn’t expect it to be like that.  We spent our Saturday walking around in the heat checking out shops and street art.  It was just the two of us so Evan decided to do the horse carriage tour to get to see more than we would have just walking around.  Since it was Evan’s 21st birthday, he tried a Strawberry Daiquiri from Big Easy… It was great!!


For our next and final stop of the day we stopped by a restaurant for a small snack since we were still full from our huge breakfast.  We wouldn’t have stopped but my dad was adamant that we tried some Boudin.  He was right; it was amazing!  10/10 would recommend that anyone in the area try this!

After a long day of being in the heat we called it a night.  Sunday morning we headed back to the French Quarter and shopped around more, and got some hot sauce my dad wanted as well.  We ended up trying drinks from a shop that had all sorts of flavors.. I tried root beer soda, and Evan tried vanilla cream soda.. big mistake! They were soooooo gross. We ended up deciding that we would try restaurant out of the French Quarter for lunch, so once we were all walked out, we headed over there.  Unfortunately I can’t remember the name of the restaurant, but they had amazing po-boys and fried green tomatoes.  Again, the portion sizes were great!

All in all, our trip was great.  Of all the places we have traveled together, New Orleans has the biggest portion sizes, which kept Evan happy.  We do intend to travel back to try more places to eat as our main goals in life are to travel to see the world, and eat the food.


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