I Tried Stitch Fix!

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I tried Stitch Fix for the first time! For those who may not know, Stitch Fix is a styling service that sends you 5 items a box.  You can go to their website to enroll in the service, take the Style Quiz so your box is for YOU, and schedule your first fix.  There is a $20 styling fee for the box, which is deducted from any item you keep, and shipping is free both ways! Best part? If you buy all 5 items you get a 25% discount in addition to the styling fee purchase credit!

I recently received my very first box and let me tell you…I was a bit apprehensive at first.  I had done a lot of research before, and it seemed as if the first box is always horrible and that they get better as you continue the service because they can better understand your exact style.  I went into this knowing that I would be keeping at least one item so I didn’t lose my $20 investment because that is what seemed best for me personally.  This is great for someone who may not get to go shopping as much as they would like (like me!) or for someone who just hates shopping!  They do provide you with the opportunity to leave a note for your stylist so you can request specific items as well.  Along with all of this great stuff, they also have a great referral program!  This means if you sign up and get a box delivered to you through my link, I will get a $25 credit, and so will you! You can review the Stitch Fix website for more information.

On to the part I’ve been dying to talk about…my fix!  Now for the style quiz, it provides the opportunity to choose a price range that fits your budget.  I didn’t know what to expect, so I chose the cheapest items possible choice!  In my fix, I received two tops, a sweater, a necklace, and a pair of shorts.  It was my personal preference to try the items on before I looked at the prices so my first impression was based on the items and not the price.

First up, the note from my stylist, Sara, and my “sneak peek”!  I think it was nice for her to specifically mention the Tennessee weather; she could be styling tons of people and still chose to be specific to ME.

Next, we have the items I received in my fix.  I have to admit, I was genuinely surprised by the clothing and jewelry I received.  Sara chose great items and I liked all of them.  Here are the items, with the exception of my two pairs of pants.


First up, we have the green August Mist sweater.  It had brown elbow patches on it, which I loved.  Now, I am 100% a stripes person.  I’m not a fan of polka dots, but I love me some stripes.  But green? I did NOT like the color.  This item went right into my return pile. This sweater was priced at $48.


Next item, the black Alice Blue Crew Neck Blouse.  I LOVED this.  It was cute.  Black means it would go with anything, and it could be dressed up or down.  This one was a tough call but ultimately went back because I prefer shirts to be a tad bit longer.  I could have exchanged it, but it fit perfectly except the length.  This bad boy was priced at $28, which isn’t bad!

The third item I received is the Bancroft Gabrielle Pre-Layered Necklace.  I’m in LOVE with this.  I attached a better picture as well.  This features gold and light pink.  Price? $28 and I kept it!  More to this a little later in the post! 🙂

The fourth item I tried on is the Emory Park Dulce Sleeveless Knit Top in red.  Let me first say that this top was SUPER soft.  It felt amazing.  I have to say that this was also a tough call just based on the feel of it.  I almost kept it, but I have an extremely similar top that is also red and white striped.  This top was priced at $28 as well which is not bad at all!

Lastly, I tried on the Lila Ryan Travis Distressed Fray Hem Short in indigo.  These were not bad!  Normally I am a size 3, but these were size 4.  Overall they fit ok, but they were actually too big in the front and I just wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing them out and about.  The length was perfect – not too short OR long.  The price for these? $68.  I personally think that is crazy for a pair of shorts, but that may be because I don’t get out shopping much. Ha, returned these!


I chose to keep just one item –  the Bancroft necklace.  It was priced at $28, so after the deduction of the $20 (the styling fee that goes towards items you keep), I only had to pay $8 plus sales tax! That brought my grand total up to $10.59!  And yes, I already ordered my second box, which should be here soon!

Overall this was a great experience! I loved it and it was exciting to see what my personal stylist would choose for me.  I love that it can be on a set schedule or decided by me.  I will be continuing the service on a monthly basis, and hopefully my stylist Sara continues to nail it!  If you are interested, you can join using my referral and earn a $25 credit once you get your box.  They also provide services for maternity clothing, kids, and even boxes for the men in your life.

Have you tried Stitch Fix?  If so, I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below!  I will be writing about my future boxes as well, and document my journey throughout the months.  Even if I hadn’t bought anything, it was still fun to play dress up from the comfort of my own home. 🙂


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