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Okay, okay.  You got me.  This is going to be another travel post like my post about our trip to Cancun. This one is my favorite to talk about!  In September of 2017, I went on an unbelievably great trip to Paris, France with my husband Evan.  He surprised me by booking the trip to celebrate my 21st birthday.  This was the BEST gift! Plus it was extra great since birthdays are my favorite time of the year. Um,  hello – it’s my day of birth!  Another day of ME.  What’s not to love? I’m not cocky, I just love birthdays! 🙂

Something to know about this trip is that this was only our second trip flying, and it is a pretty long flight to France.  I must pause and give a huge shout out to Delta Airlines before I begin because they made it amazing (it was so great we try to always fly with them even if it means more money).  Seriously, we had been nervous before going as we had no clue what to expect on this flight!  The TVs on the back of the seats allowed us to watch super recent movies, and we got to enjoy ourselves.  Seriously.  I am a HUGE fan of Delta Airlines.

Once we landed we made our way to our hotel, the Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel, which had the most amazing view!  Honestly, we will probably stay here every time we return to Paris and I will recommend this location to anyone that even mentions a possibility of going.  The picture below shows the view of the Eiffel Tower (which is absolutely HUGE) from the window in our room, and it was breathtaking.


While in Paris we had fun by booking excursions.  We enjoyed a dinner cruise down the Seine River and ate my birthday dinner in the Eiffel Tower (which I had no idea was a thing before this trip).  Our dinner in the Eiffel Tower was magical.  We had a 3-course meal along with champagne and wine.  There was a long line we had to wait in, but since it is reservation only it wasn’t too bad!  The view was breathtaking and allowed us to see why the city is nicknamed the city of lights.  I will say that it was a little chilly the whole time in Paris.  The next pictures are from our Eiffel Tower date.

We also decided to travel to Disneyland Paris as part of our “conquer all Disney parks” goal.  We actually ended up going during their 25th-anniversary celebration.  For two tickets we only paid $98 USD.  Can you say a great DEAL?  Here is my favorite picture from our Disneyland day.  I mean, we look GOOD, right?!


We did a LOT of walking as we explored the city.  We actually used the Eiffel Tower as our “Northern Star” to find our hotel when we got far enough out (perk of staying 2 steps away from it).  We went to Notre Dame and I was brutally attacked by rude pigeons – true story.  Overall, exploring the city allowed us to appreciate all of the architecture and stop at small restaurants to experience the cuisine.

Now, it wouldn’t truly be a good second blog post if I didn’t include some tips that I wish I knew before we went to Paris.  The following are some tips I recommend for anyone considering Paris as their travel destination.

    • Comfortable shoes are a must.  I ended up with tons of blisters from walking around AND THEY HURT!
    • Portion sizes aren’t very big, so eat the bread!
    • Be prepared for the driving; coming from the United States it felt like everyone drove like maniacs.  This could have been because the traffic there was pretty heavy and we were weaved in and out of cars.
    • The Mona Lisa in the Louvre was cool to see in person if museums are your thing,  but be prepared as it was way smaller than we expected.  In my opinion, some of the other art was more impressive (yeah…I said it).
    • Try the crepes! We tried some street vendors and were impressed!
    • We used our French phrase book to help us buy souvenirs and say pleasantries. (I hear that goes a long way!)
    • Disneyland Paris doesn’t have the best or largest rides, but we still had fun!
    • If you tell waiters/waitresses you don’t want more wine they will think something is wrong and that you’re absolutely out of your mind.  This is from my personal experience.
    • THE EIFFEL TOWER SPARKLES AT NIGHT.  We had no idea!  This was the best surprise.  Speaking of this, it is illegal to take photos of the tower at night.  We TOTALLY didn’t..  but if we did I wouldn’t post here.  🙂
    • Pay for the phone plan.  We used Uber a lot, but could only set up rides from wifi.
    • Before we went we researched and found that pickpockets can be bad.  We used our RFID blocking belt and went our whole trip without losing money, cards, OR our passports. This belt is great for going under shirts OR under your pants.  We have kept ours and intend to use it for our future trips as well.

Paris, France has captured my heart and I can’t wait to go back.  It has been, and probably will always be, my favorite place we have traveled.  Some people say that it is the trip of a lifetime; this is only true if you make it your reality.  If you are able, I HIGHLY recommend traveling, no matter how far you go.

Now, a man’s perspective by my husband:

Let’s be honest, men and women usually have a different view point on how things play out.  So I decided to tell what I think about out trip to Paris, France in the hopes that it might help you decide for yourself if you’d like to go or not.  To start with, our trip to Paris was pretty awesome and we will definitely be going back.  Our trip was short which helped us on cost and let us squeeze it into our schedule, however there is so much to do that 4 days really was not enough.  If you can, I suggest that you go for longer.  I know for myself a big thing to consider when booking trips is the price, and I will admit that Paris was our most expensive trip so far.  That being said Paris has kind of become the gold standard if you will for how we judge the rest of our trips.  It is coming up on a year since our trip to Paris, and I cannot make a clear picture of the Eiffel Tour in my head any more, but I can still feel that moment of being awestruck when we saw it in person for the first time.  For me, that moment made the trip; I found myself looking at the tower over a hundred times just admiring it for its awesomeness.  Also, to my surprise, the tower puts on a light show every night, every hour on the hour which was pretty cool too.  My favorite part of the trip was the dinner cruise on the Seine River.  The cruise showed us all the wonderful architecture and showed us the city starting to light up at dusk.  The views were rivaled with the food they offered on the cruise, however both were slightly beat by the wine.  One thing to consider when traveling to Paris is the food, my wife mentioned the portion sizes but I have 120 lbs. on her, so believe me.  Honestly, the river cruise was probably the one meal where I got full in one sitting.  That being said you could think of it as a blessing because then you get to stop are more places to eat and experience even more of the wonderful French cuisine, just your wallet might not like it so much.  All in all, the trip to Paris really opened our eyes to some of the wonders this world has to offer and is one of the many reasons we like traveling whenever we can. -Evan


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