Traveling to Cancun

Not too long ago I returned from my vacation with my husband where we traveled to Cancun, Mexico.  Before traveling down, most of our relatives were worried about us being murdered so much to where my husband and I both started to second guess our trip.  We ultimately decided we were going, and well, IT. WAS. GREAT.  We had a blast and never felt threatened once.  A couple of people we know actually traveled to Cancun this year as well, but we still had so many unanswered questions before we went.  So, I have dedicated my first blog post to putting tips together for traveling to Cancun.

Before I begin, I have written a bit of background about my husband and I.  We are 22 and 21, respectively.  While we are nowhere near rich, we have been blessed with the ability to travel places.  In this past year we have gone on a cruise, to Paris, and Cancun, and a few other small vacations.  We can’t wait to see where we go next!  Normally before we go places I do research so I can be prepared, but for our trip to Cancun, I couldn’t find something that eased my mind completely.

First off, we have a few misconceptions that we experienced first-hand:

–    We would be unsafe/get murdered.

We truly felt safe the whole time.  In fact, we did multiple excursions which ranged from sailing on a Catamaran boat to visiting the Mayan Ruins.  We almost canceled these but are SO glad we didn’t.  Of course, this was our personal experience, but I’m sure we aren’t alone in this.

–    We would catch Zika virus.

While this is a possibility, neither of us got any mosquito bites.  There were no mosquitos by the beach.  We did go swimming in an underwater cave but bought bug spray from our tour guides and it worked like a charm.

–    None of the water would be filtered.

We stayed at the GR Caribe by Solaris Deluxe All-Inclusive resort.  All of our drinks had ice and were filtered.  Side note, we really enjoyed our stay here.

Next, I have some tips that I would give my best friends if they went to Cancun.

–    SPF 8 is NOT ENOUGH.  I got burnt extremely bad.  Seriously, sunscreen is a necessity.

–    Take an underwater camera and go snorkeling!

–    It is hot but go see the Mayan Ruins.  They were incredible to see in person.

–    The humidity is crazy! It made my naturally curly hair look amazing, though.

–    If you see an excursion you want to do, do it.  Regretting not doing something isn’t fun.

–    Take a poncho or umbrella.  You’re surrounded by water; it will probably rain.

–    Coming from the United States, it was free to use the travel plan that Verizon offers.

–    People will want to sell stuff such as purses on the beach.  They also have people who braid hair, so if that is something you’re interested in, come prepared.

–    Be ready to drink tequila shots! Our tour guide gave everyone some. Fun times!

Honestly, going to Cancun for our 2018 vacation was a blast.  Coming from a person who isn’t a huge water person, I recommend going at least once in your life.  The water and beaches are gorgeous, and I can’t wait to go back.  Hopefully the tips I included will at least provide some clarification or ease of mind.  Happy traveling!


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